Building A Team Is A Big Part 
Of Running A Six-Figure Business
Cause let’s face it... You can’t build the empire of your dreams 
without a support system to help you do it.
But, how do you know you’re ready to build a team? That's a big leap to take! You'll have to start depending on other people to see your business grow and become successful. But you simply can't do it alone!

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place. 

After building out my own team of 15 amazing women who have helped me generate multi-six figures, I know a TON about team-building that I'm excited to share with you! 

There's just one question...are you ready?
Meet Miranda
Miranda Nahmias is a systematic marketing expert for female online service providers. When she’s not writing actionable blog posts, she’s doing everything she can to help lady biz bosses achieve their dreams in the most stress-free way possible! Miranda does this by providing resources and done-for-you services that use her proven systematic marketing techniques to allow busy female service providers score more clients and #growlikewoah in their businesses.